Bethia Beadman has true talent... feral and elemental.

Chris Roberts, The Quietus

Deaf & Dumb


Bethia is a magazine editor's dream. One of the best unsung artists around.

John Kennedy, Dazed and Confused

At the Beach


Insanely talented .. A cross between Cat Power, Nick Drake and Scott Walker.

Amanda Palmer

Glow Baby Glow shines home like a lantern.

Rolling Stone


The sorceress, the crone, the virgin, the downtrodden, royalty and nobleness, all at once.

Mason Jar

Homerton Station


Cinematic, windswept and intimate.

Guitarist ****

  Next Gigs  
06 / 06

Servant Jazz Quarters, 8pm
Friday, June 6th
10A Bradbury Street
London N16 8JN

13 / 06

Isle of Wight Festival,
Friday, June 13th
Strongbow Stage
Isle of Wight

26 / 06

Album Launch of Les Bonbons
Paper Dress Vintage
114-116 Curtain Place

Glastonbury 2013

The Old Ships


Beauty, raw power... Stark, dark intelligence.

John Robb, Louder than War


Bethia grew up in an underground grotto in Bath. A child ballerina, she graduated from Cambridge with a starred first in Theology and Sanskrit, before working in a London recording studio (on albums by REM and Depeche Mode). She has sung in the Vatican and toured in Courtney Love's band.

Her video 'Fire' by LA artist Mason Jar won Best Music Video at the Cannes Independent Film Festival (May 2012) following the Gold Prize Award at Alameda, San Francisco. The 'Glow Baby Glow' video shot by Berlin duo nowMomentnow features the grotto smashed to pieces in love.

You forget other records exist for Made of Love's duration.

Amoeba Music LA